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Yale Students Participate in Climate Conference
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Government officials from around the world are meeting in Copenhagen this week to come up with a global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Besides the officials, there’s a large contingent of Yale students who are attending.

There are about 70 students from Yale at the United Nations conference, 50 of whom are from the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Among them is graduate student Nasser Brahim. He’ll be assisting the Ambassador from Grenada,  which is part of the Alliance of Small Island States. Because of rising sea levels caused by climate change islands, in particular, have a lot at risk. And Brahim says they’ll be negotiating for a kind of insurance package.

“That will help them both recover during tropical storms and other climate-related events. This is really is a major part of what they’re hoping to achieve.  They’re hoping that the developed countries can put together a pool of money and set up an insurance facility that would allow them  achieve  their sustainable development  goals and also reduce  their risk of future climate change impacts.”

For the past year, as part of his studies at Yale, Brahim has been honing his skills in environmental negotiations at the United Nations. He says he believes climate change is a threat to future generations and he hopes to contribute to a positive outcome in Copenhagen.

For WNPR, I'm Nancy Cohen.