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Last month, Where We Live and Real Art Ways asked for your thoughts, ideas, questions, and stories about Hartford’s past, present, and future. We heard what you had to say – and now we’re continuing that conversation with a series of interactive live recordings. In the coming months, we’ll ask for your thoughts about topics like growing up in Hartford and the city’s development.









Next month we'll be discussing Hartford's creative class. 

Locating Creativity: Can Art and Innovation Revitalize Hartford?

It’s not just musicians and artists. Its scientists and business people too. It's potentially YOU.

Can Hartford, the former insurance capital of the world, support a creative class? What (and who) is already here – and how can we connect them? How does the greater Hartford region contribute to Hartford’s creative landscape? What are the elements of a dynamic city – and where should Hartford focus its energy? What are the city’s barriers to a bustling creative economy?

We need you to help us shape this conversation! Send us your thoughts. Tell us about yourself. Put us in touch with your neighbor... Send us a link. The creative economy - a critical mass of thinkers and doers - has revitalized cities around the country. How can we bring that here? Can we afford not to?

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