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World's Last Wooden Whaling Ship May Sail Again
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The last wooden whaling ship in the world may set sail once again.

Mystic Seaport has been home to the Charles W. Morgan since 1941--when the museum acquired the vessel.  The 113-foot long whaling ship was active for 80 years.  It hasn't sailed since 1923 but officials at Mystic Seaport hope to change that.

President and Director, Stephen White says the museum was already working towards raising $6 million dollars to restore the ship...but now it will also conduct a feasibility study that looks into whether the Morgan can return to sea.

"This conversation happened in the past but it was hard to fulfill because at the time she was not being restored in the way she is now from the water line down and it would have been more risky for her. So since she'll have a new bottom on which to sail, it's likely she'll never be stronger again than she will be when she's launched hopefully or ideally in July 2011."

Mystic Seaport  needs to raise as much as $8 million dollars to help the Morgan sail once agan. 

White says preliminary plans call for sailing the vessel on ceremonial trips from New London, to Newport, R.I. and to New Bedford, Massachusetts-The Morgan's original home port.

The Charles W Morgan was named a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

More information about the restoration of the Charles W Morgan can be found at mysticseaport.org