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World drops in on the 'burgh
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I don't keep it a secret that I'm from Pittsburgh.  The city gets laughed at a lot by the national media - because of suggestions that it's still a sleepy, smoky steel town.  So, why choose Pittsburgh for a vital summit on international trade and cooperation? It was actually chosen for the G-20 summit this week because it has effectively shed those old-fashioned labels - transforming from a dying industrial/manufacturing base into a high-tech hub that's made a mark in medical research.

The building that will house the event, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center is the "first “green” convention center in the world, and the only meeting venue to be awarded the Gold LEED® Certification by the US Green Building Council."  That nod to "green" technology is another reason why the Obama administration put the Steel City at the top a list of cities to show off to world leaders.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been compiling news about the meeting on an excellent, catch-all site, that includes voices of bloggers and columnists - not thrilled with the summit's mission, or the city police department's reaction to protestors.