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a whole new (robot) world
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Don't forget to check out author Wendell Wallach's blog on his book Moral Machines.  Interesting discussion this morning covering all aspects of Artificial Intelligence to robots used in war to sex toys. 

And, almost as if we planned it (we didn't) - New York Times Technology correspondent John Markoff wrote an article this weekend on The Coming Superbrain:

Today, artificial intelligence, once the preserve of science fiction writers and eccentric computer prodigies, is back in fashion and getting serious attention from NASA and from Silicon Valley companies like Google as well as a new round of start-ups that are designing everything from next-generation search engines to machines that listen or that are capable of walking around in the world. A.I.’s new respectability is turning the spotlight back on the question of where the technology might be heading and, more ominously, perhaps, whether computer intelligence will surpass our own, and how quickly.

Listener Fred S.C. Li has put a lot of thought into this topic.  We enjoyed his call - and he also shared a link with us to The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

Also here's profile of the ASIMO robot I found on You Tube: 

I'm sure we'll be back to this topic in the near future... so send us any thoughts or ideas on what specific topics you want to hear about, or questions you want to have answered.