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While I have never met Gov. Rell...
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Gov. M. Jodi Rell - photo by Chion Wolf WNPRWhile I have never met Gov. Jodi Rell, I am feeling a close kinship with her lately. Recently, she submitted her budget numbers for the next two years to the legislature, and immediately the airwaves and newspapers were filled with opinions about where to spend and where to cut back. This is how it works at our house, too. We plan out a budget for the month, and then the differing opinions weigh in. I am not familiar with any lobbyists in the state, but I do know that teenagers are ferocious lobbyists when it comes to their own interests.

"Do lobbyists in the state legislature actually resort to begging?"

Need versus want becomes a murky concept, as everything becomes a need when you are a teen. “I need…(fill in latest electronic gadget or clothing items)”, is a common plea. Teens follow you from room to room, making the case for said item. They also leave notes on your pillow, along with pictures of the item cut out of advertisements from the newspaper. (An idea stolen from the movie “A Christmas Story”?  Probably…) When they hear “no”, this is a green light to ramp up the pressure, and make more convincing arguments in their favor, while the harried parent just begs for a little peace and quiet.

Do lobbyists in the state legislature actually resort to begging? I don’t know, but here begging occurs on a regular basis. We are also wary of any sentence beginning with, “I love you mommy/daddy”. (Usually it’s daddy because he is the soft touch, but I am not totally immune to the phrase, myself). While I wouldn’t recommend this technique to the professional lobbyists, I do have to admit that when love enters the picture, the chances of inserting that additional line item into the budget increases greatly.  





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