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Where We Live Wins Major Award!!!
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Hope that got your attention.  Okay, so…what does “major” mean?  A Peabody?  Not yet.  A Pulitzer? Not likely.  Another Mark Twain Award?  Just got one of those...

Let’s put it this way: “Major” is when people like the work you do, and let lots of other people know.  Each year, the New Haven Advocate does it’s “Best Of” issue, where readers vote on their favorite things.  As a companion, the Advocate staff makes their own “Staff Picks."  So, we got this nice piece from political writer Andy Bromage 

Best Public Affairs Show

"Where We Live," the local talk show hosted by WNPR news director John Dankosky, succeeds because it goes beyond the daily headlines — and doesn't bore the crap out of you. Dankosky and his eclectic array of guests intelligently explore topics ranging from Connecticut immigration trends, to the future of books, to smart parenting. Since debuting in 2006, "Where We Live" has cultivated a loyal audience and callers who add to conversations with expert advice and thoughtful questions. "If you walked up to people in Connecticut on the street and said 'what's on your mind?' everyone would say something different," Dankosky says. "Some would say the school budget, some the war in Iraq, others something else. We try to program the show to those varied interests." Dankosky's the voice of the show, but behind the scenes are senior producer Catie Talarski and producer Libby Conn, who Dankosky credits with pushing him into topics unfamiliar to him. "Where We Live" also takes the show on the road once a month for live tapings. Next stop: May 26 at Real Art Ways in Hartford, starting at 7 p.m. "Where We Live" airs weekdays 9–10 a.m. on WNPR 90.5 FM and wnpr.org. 

I think I'm going to work that description into our on air promos:  "Where We Live - not boring the crap out of you since 2006!"  Hey, we take what we can get.  Thanks to Andy and The Advocate for the kind words and encouragement.