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Where are the watchdogs?
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Plenty of response to our conversation with Mark Pazniokas and Greg Hladky about the vanishing Capitol Press Corps.  You can listen to it here, and read many emails and Facebook messages.  
Below, a series of "tweets" on Twitter during the show.  About an idea raised by a caller to provide "public" funding for journalism, and about what makes good reporting.  Read on - and keep "tweeting" @ twitter.com/wherewelive.


 Helder Miramirahartford@wherewelive One final note: it would be interesting to see how the onslaught of 24 Hour News channels affected print journalism/newspapers. mirahartford@wherewelive Sad to see an historic media slaughtered by corporate interests, such as conglomorates like Tribune, Hearst, Fox from web

Helder Miramirahartford@wherewelive (gov't controlled) funding would lead to gov't interfered reporting/editing.
Loss Leaderrvr@wherewelive pbs model, otoh, is the *right* kind of public funding--directly from the public.
Loss Leaderrvr@wherewelive @mirahartford public (gov't controlled) funding not a good idea for papers. media independence is critical.
Helder Miramirahartford@wherewelive I totally disagree with caller who said there should be public funding for papers; will just cause politicians to want to cut.

Heather Brandonheddahfeddah@wherewelive good reporting includes conveying trumpeted facts, deeper probing/Qs, and analysis (the "why"). What else? And in what ratio?
Thomas Dorrashiant@wherewelive politicians and their aids turned whistle blower, or do they have agendas?