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Welcome to Where We Blog... I realize I have a lot of blogging to do to catch up to Dankosky.  Things are busy busy here at WNPR in the midst of election madness.  It's very exciting having so much going on - I can't stop obsessing about the economy and the Presidential race.  We're looking forward to talking about these topics on Where We Live - and are really interested in hearing about what YOU care about.  We're working on getting listeners involved in the conversation as much as possible - so make sure you comment, call-in, and join us on Facebook.  

I've just returned from a little bit of radio heaven at the Thirdcoast International Audio Festival, where I schmoozed with the best and brightest newsmakers and story tellers.  I went to a workshop on "Opening the Gates to Social Media" - talking about all the ways to reach out to our listeners. From Facebook to Myspace to Twitter to blogs...it's a little bit overwhelming. I'm interested in what works for you.  Do you use social networking?  Are you tweeting away?  Or do you just want to be left alone!   Is there a place we could provide you Where We Live updates and information... or would you rather just come to our website yourself?

Tuesday - grab your to-go mug and gather round the radio/computer for a show on emotional intelligence. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.