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Watchdog Groups Warn of Conflict of Interest
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Connecticut Democrat Jim Himes has raked in a lot of cash from his former employer, Goldman Sachs. Matt Laslo reports on why watchdog groups say the donations are a conflict of interest.





You'd be a fool not to think this is significant.

Jim Himes and Goldman Sachs connection

This article seems to have been highly biased against Rep Himes.  He did divest of all of his interests in Goldman SAchs as he stated.  Contributions from Goldman Sachs employees represents a small fraction of the total donations made to his campaign- $!6000 out of $2.1 million which represents less than 1% hardly what I would call influential peddling. 

Obviously it did not influence him since Rep Himes supports financial regulation.  More objectivity and balanced reporting is expected of NPR.

Anita Peters

New Canaan, CT