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The waiting game...
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Photo by viewoftheworld Flickr Creative Commons

For the next few weeks, I'll begin the waiting game. Each day the mail will come and each day I'll wonder if it carries a letter from a University. With the job market the way it is and my slight limited capabilities with a Bachelor's of Arts, continuing my education in graduate school appears to be the strongest option.

In total, I sent applications to seven Universities. Most of them were out of the State of Connecticut. I'm unsure if the State will be able to hold me after seventeen years of education. At the same time, I sit and stand in Connecticut classrooms and I see the progress being made by 4th and 5th graders each day. I don't think I hold the patience or drive to teach at such a level, but there is a degree of satisfaction that arises from answering students questions and knowing that maybe they understand just a little bit better. It's wonderful to see their optimism and their dreams big and boundless. In my time out of school, I have a lot of extra free time. I find myself reading more non-fiction and spending time with my cousin, her husband and their two-year-old son, Ben. His smile is contagious. For the bulk of my life I had cousins and family that were older than me or around my age. Of my cousins, I'm the second youngest on both sides of the family. The world watched me grow up, not them. So, now that I have the chance to see a new life start out in Connecticut and grow up in a world complete with digital television, Internet and every electronic gadget the world can produce, I know that we won't be exactly the same, but the main ideas and constants will be just that, constant.

Photo by SC Fiasco Flickr Creative Commons

With my applications out and my free time in the evenings greater than ever before, I find that my heart and mind does not grow as strongly with the words of Whitman, Hemingway or Remarque. Instead, toddler giggles and big smiles seem to be a larger and more joyful education than I ever could have imagined.