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Update: Racial Profiling
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A quick update to our recent show on "The Realities of Racial Profiling:"  An article in today's Courant by Jesse Leavenworth points out some disparities in the racial profiling data gathered by the Manchester police department.  In a nutshell:

Although blacks make up about 9 percent of Manchester residents and the overall state population, they accounted for about 20 percent of drivers who were pulled over in town since January 2008, according to the police department's "Report on Racial Profiling."

Our program, with Glen Cassis of the African American Affairs Commission pointed out that many of the state's departments don't collect data like that being shared by Manchester...even though they're mandated to by law.  Of those that do collect the data, little ends up in the hands of the Commission, which is charged with preparing reports on the subject.  And, even if they did have the data, they don't have the money, according to Cassis.  He told Leavenworth that the Commission is seeking federal funds to conduct a full analysis.