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UConn Malpractice Insurance Part of Proposed Cuts
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UConn Health Center is alarmed that a legislative committee wants to seize the pot of money the hospital uses to self-insure against medical malpractice claims. Last week, the Appropriations Committee recommended taking the entire balance of the fund to help cover this year's budget deficit.

The $19 million Malpractice Trust Fund is designed to cover all malpractice claims against the hospital and its physicians.

UCHC Chief Financial Officer John Biancamano says the fund's current balance is set by an actuary, and the full amount is what is needed to stay solvent. He says losing those funds would leave the hospital effectively without malpractice insurance.

"The impact would be that any future claims resulting from medical malpractice would then have to be funded out of the health center, which would then be looking to the state to reimburse us for those expenses."

UCHC said it expects to pay out 6 million dollars in claims over the next several months.

Appropriations Chairman John Geragosian was not available for comment Wednesday afternoon.