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Senate Democrats Forgive Lieberman
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U.S. Senate Democrats voted to allow Joe Lieberman to keep a powerful Committee chairmanship but there's still a possibility Connecticut's Democratic Party will censure him for campaigning with John McCain.

The decision to allow Lieberman to remain chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee came after months of harsh criticism over his support of Republican nominee John McCain during the presidential campaign.  
In a 42-13 vote, the Democratic caucus condemned statements Lieberman made during the campaign that criticized President elect Barack Obama. 
The caucus took away a minor post from Lieberman as punishment--He'll no longer be subcommitee chair on the Environment and Public Works panel.
After the vote, Lieberman told reporters he got caught up in the heat of the presidential campaign and regrets some statements he made.
However back in Connecticut, there's still traction among some state Democrats to censure Lieberman.
Litchfield democrat, Audrey Blondin helped write the censure resolution
"It was put forward to express our displeasure with Joe continuing to call himself an independent Democrat when he certainly did nothing to help campaign in anyway, support in anyway our local democrats. Yet he was out there with John McCain, and Sarah Palin, and Norm Coleman campaigning for them."
Blondin says she'll ask the state's democratic central committee to vote on the censure resolution when it meets next month.
Lieberman remains registered with the Democratic party despite being re-elected to the US Senate as an independent after losing the Democratic primary in 2006.
In a statement, Lieberman did not address the censure resolution. He says now is the time to unite as Americans rather than engage in partisan politics