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Trinity Students Awarded Davis Projects for Peace Grant
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Honduras accounts for more than 60 percent of reported HIV infections in Central America.  Three Trinity College students are travelling there this summer to help with prevention efforts.

Trinity senior and Farmington native, Alden Gordon is one of the students at the college who've been chosen for the 100 Projects for Peace initiative.  The project was created by philantropist, Kathryn Wasserman Davis on her 100th birthday in 2007. Undergrads are awarded $10,000 grants to embark on peace-building missions around the world.

Gordon will be in Honduras with fellow students, Jacob Gire and Michael Pierce for 6 weeks. He says they'll be working closely with the Program for the Development of Women and Children or PRODIM to prevent HIV/AIDs.

"One of things we're specifically addressing is the vertical transmission of HIV from a pregnant mother to her child which can be easily prevented.  We want to educate people on those risks and hopefully reduce the problem."

Gordon says they'll return in August when they hope to develop their project into an on-going program for future Trinity students.