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Training in Green Jobs Funded by Stimulus Dollars
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A new infusion of federal stimulus dollars has been awarded to Connecticut this week. The U. S. Department of Labor is providing grants for “green” jobs training-programs in Bridgeport and Hartford.

The grants are known as “Pathway out of Poverty” awards. Hartford will get a piece of a $4.7 million award to train the unemployed and people without high school degrees in green construction skills.
The South Arsenal Neighborhood Development Corporation will help run the program.

In Bridgeport, The Workplace Inc, a nonprofit in has been awarded 4 million dollars. It plans to train 500 unemployed people from very poor neighborhoods in a variety of jobs related to the environment and energy including weatherization and energy efficient construction. Jo Shute of The Workplace Inc says her group is committed to  place 350 of the trainees in jobs.

The philosophy behind green jobs that are emerging in our economy offer a very real opportunity to lift people out of poverty.”

Shute says the federal stimulus grant will train people not just for short-term jobs, will put them on a path towards a long-term career.

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ok, good information on

ok, good information on Bridgeport, but who is going to run the program in Hartford?

Stimulus Dollars

So is this going to be another waste of taxpayer money like the recent project in South Windsor to tear up a road that was in perfectly good condition and put down a new one? I have to wonder whose pockets some of that money went into.