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Tracing our family history: Hillbilly, Polish, whatever...
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 Looking forward to Friday's program with our buddy Susan Campbell from the Courant about our search for our family roots.  Susan has written extensively in her column, and continues to in an upcoming book, about her "hillbilly" roots in the Missouri Ozarks.  The idea for the show really started, though, when Senior Producer Catie Talarski and I had a conversation with Lynne Williamson of the Institute for Community Research in Hartford.  She's working with us on a project to bring more attention to the various ethnic festivals around the state (check out Catie's photo essay and interviews about a Peruvian festival) and that took us to a Polish festival in Bristol.  Catie was inspired to start looking into her own family's history in the state - and we want to know about yours.  

Do you consider yourself a "hyphenated" American - drawn to your family's ancestry?  Are you compelled to find out more about the town where you grew up, or the people who gave you your name?  Please leave your comments here, or email wherewelive@wnpr.org.  In case you don't know what we're looking for, here's great comment from Jac on Susan's blog site:

My roots lead all over (Europe). Maybe that's why I like to travel. Maybe its genetic! The upside is that I relate to people almost anywhere. The downside is that I don't have "a people" or "a homeland country". Maybe that's an upside in disguise. 

Can't wait to talk about it Friday.  Today - school funding cuts are coming, what's the impact for towns and cities?  Right now, it doesn't look pretty...




I have just in the past couple of years begun tracing my family's ancestry which had been done in bits and pieces by my mother.  This is becoming quite a project as most of the lines on my maternal grandmother's side go back to Mayflower passengers which become very intertangled in the early generations.  Much of this family remained in the Plymouth/Duxbury area of MA up until my mother's generation.  I have now found some branches of my maternal grandfather's family and my husband's family that also go back to Mayflower passengers - so we may be more related than we first thought - but then again aren't we all - My paternal grandfather's family can be traced back to the mid 1600's also in MA and nearly that far in CT.  Although my paternal grandmother's parents immagrated from Germany in the early to mid 1800's I have been able to find many interesting facts about them also including the ships passenger records from their journey to this country.

I try to not only find names & dates but also facts about these people which makes them much more real and places them in the history of our country.  I have found military service records, types of employment, and other interesting facts. 

there are all of the elements of putting together a puzzle combined with history lessons and information on how and where people lived.  Overall what i find to be an interesting hobby much of which can be done through on-line research with a computer.

Polish familiy

My best friend just found her polish family and is starting the documents to recover the nationality, it cost about 20Euros get papers, Chez found a consultant in Warsaw that made search (www.castaneda.com.pl) and I found information of the company in the Chambers of commerce in Spain

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