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Three "Probable" Cases of Swine Flu in Connecticut
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The World Health organization has raised its pandemic alert level from 4 to 5, indicating widespread human to human transmission of the H-1-2-1 influenza virus or swine flu.  So far, there are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Connecticut but the state has asked for extra anti-viral medications to be prepared in case there is an outbreak in Connecticut.

The Governor's office reports there are now three probable cases of swine flu in the state.
The federal Centers for Disease Control are analyzing samples from a child from Middlefield and two adults, one from Southbury, the other from Stratford. All three had been in Mexico recently. Governor Rell's spokesman, Rich Harris says the state is prepared with 11,000 anti-viral medications on hand if there is an outbreak. 
"So what the Governor did was to order enough of that medication sent out to all of the state's 31 hospitals so that every hospital had enough medications for every one of its officially licensed beds."
Harris says the state is expected to get an additional 130,000 treatment courses from the federal government by the weekend. 
Schools in Wethersfield, East Haddam, Vernon, and Waterbury have been closed as a precautionary measure until they are thoroughly cleaned--after some staff members or students have come down with flu-like symptoms. 
More than 90 people in the United States have contracted swine flu and one toddler has died from the virus.
Swine flu is suspected to have caused 159 deaths in Mexico.