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Thousands of Refugees Flock to Jérémie, Haiti
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Dr. Joseph Lowney says thousands of refugees flocked to Jérémie, in the southwest end of Haiti, for medical care and shelter. As of last night, Lowney reported more than 8,000 refugees in town.

Lowney told WNPR's Colin McEnroe Show that by next week, an estimated 30 to 40,000 refugees will have arrived in the town, looking for food, medical care, and a place to bury their dead.  He says a lack of coordination on the ground is hindering these efforts.

"There's food sitting on the runway in Port au Prince. There are helicopters sitting on the runway in Port au Prince. We're 40 minutes away, can't they take some food, put it up on the helicopter and bring it up to us? I'm sure they can if they could find the person or the system to do that for us, but we can't."

The Haitian Health Foundation employs 200 full time workers, including 10 Americans.  The group's buildings were not damaged during the earthquake.

For WNPR, I'm Patrick Skahill.