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Things I like: Friday edition
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I like that The Hartford Courant's Susan Campbell listens to us all the time, and that we make her cry.  

I like that we packed Real Art Ways on a rainy Thursday night to talk about politics after the election.  

I like that WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil painted such a nice picture of the first day of gay marriage in the state for NPR's All Things Considered.  

I like that NPR's Adam Davidson was able to explain our current economic mess in a way I could understand.   

I like that our listeners (in this case, emailer Scott from West Hartford) say what they mean:  "Greed built up the housing bubble and now fear has taken over."  Or, how about Carole from Norwich: "The few, the greedy financially benefit in outrageous scale compared to the outcomes for the many.  I'd like to see those responsible convicted and then ostacized in the manner that sexual preditors are now. Identify who they are, publicize their crimes widely, and let the public response take over. These people are not welcome in my neighborhood or my town. I suspect many feel the same."  Yikes. 

I like that Dan Ariely is around.

I like Bill Curry.  But I don't like that this is his last column for the Courant.  

I liked talking to Michael Klare about Obama and energy policy. (Here's his recent piece in The Nation) Listen for more next Friday.  

I like that it's Friday.  


I liked last night's

I liked last night's "Aftermath" discussion at Real Art Ways but I don't like seeing that a big chunk of it got cut for podcast.

I understand that there's a limited amount of time for Where We Live on the radio, but we've got an unlimited running time here on the internet!  Please consider posting a full-length version of last night's event online.