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Special thanks to those of you who came out last night to support the first Radio Adventure Theater. We traveled around the world, heard some compelling radio storytelling... and the ladies of Red No.5 were amazing, as usual!

Here is the rundown of audio that I curated around the theme of "Travel".  Find a quiet space, or gather a few friends, and have a listening session of your own.  Check out these and other great radio storytelling at Public Radio Exchange.












The Family Takes a Stay-Cation from the “radio comic strip” 11 Central Ave., which airs weekly on Chicago Public Radio


Audio Postcards


Calcutta - producer Kevin Allen


Azerbaijan - producer Carla Seidl


Kayaking in Newfoundland- producer Rob Rosenthal

interview with Rob Rosenthal


Part Two: To Space or Space-Like Places


Captain Galactic - producer Josie Holzman


On the Road to Toolik: Deadhorse, Alaska  - WNPR reporter Nancy Cohen

And, Finally - It's Not Where You Go, But How You Get There


Hitchhiking  - producer Jonathon Mitchell


Walking  - producer Joan Shuman


And, of course, Dessert! 

Chocolate - reporter Mary Stuckey

(seg C @ about 12 mins)


*special thanks to John Dankosky, (DJ) Libby Conn, Anna Sale, Katie Perham, Pooja Prakash, Tucker Ives and Patrick Skahill for pulling together a magical evening.