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Talking immigration with Joe Visconti
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...and sometimes you're very surprised.  I guess I was pretty surprised by First District candidate Joe Visconti's reaction to my question about how to solve the problem of illegal immigration.  He said:

 "Cut off their food supply."

That drew this comment from listener Rachel Duncan: "This is one of the most compassion-less statements I have heard in twenty years.  I am now absolutely sure of my vote and plan on sharing your program with as many people as possible so that they can hear it straight from his mouth.  I hope that Mr. Visconti does not forget that we are humans first and citizens second."

But my audible surprise came across differently to listener Robin Evans:

"I don't understand why you are sounding so upset by the idea of 'cutting off the food supply' to illegal immigrants. Did you miss the word "illegal"? Are you for illegal acts in our country? If I were to commit a crime would you sit there and cry out for my children and what will happen to them while I serve time in prison? I think not. I  wholeheartedly support Joe Visconti and wish more politicians would  take a stand against the illegal happenings in our country.

By the way, here's more information on Visconti's plan to try out RICO statutes as a way of punishing "sanctuary cities" like Hartford and New Haven.