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This idea from our amazing photojournalist, Chion Wolf.  She did a search on Flickr for "WWL + graffiti" - and came up with this, along with more amazing paint work you can find here.  I'd give you a full slideshow, but not all of the photos are under a "Creative Commons" license.  Anyway, check them out - i'm thrilled that our little show is making such a big mark.  If you have photos of anything that you think Where We Live should see - or that tell a story about live where you live, send them to us at [email protected].  You can see more of our photos at our site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wnprimages/

By the way, Chion has a new photo site: chionwolf.com.  She's been the official photographer for WNPR and Where We Live since her days as a show intern.  Her work is brilliant and moving.