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tackling feminism
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I'm researching a show on Feminism.  Yes, this is a big topic - but I am coming across some great stuff. 

The idea first came because Dr. Amy Kesselman came to Southern CSU to talk about her upcoming book - The Hidden History of Feminist Activism in New Haven, 1968-1976.  She brings a great local angle to the show - but what on earth is the greater Feminist community up to these days?  What are the "hot topics"?  Who considers themselves feminists?  To be honest - I think of older ladies with long grey-haired braids who don't wear bras.  But I have a good friend studying feminist theory (who I plan to call and pick her brain)... so I know young people are into the ideas of feminism (as am I).  But do we still call it feminism?  or is there another word....

"Packaging Girlhood" blog says they are going to turn Dora the Explorer into a lil sexy thang.   They give you a number of options to SAVE DORA! 

Feministing dot com seems like a great source for information.  (Although I am questioning their logo).

And there is Bitch Magazine.  

Anyone have any thoughts?  Do you consider yourself a feminist?  What's on your mind?