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"Swingin'" in Suffield
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Suffield Connecticut is a beautiful town.  Let's get that out of the way right now.  Every side-street turn gives you a look at yet another old tobacco barn...a rolling field...a distant ridge with stunning foliage.  It's pretty much "typical New England" - and the politics feel that way, too.  We chose the town because of it's mix of Republicans, Democrats and Independents - and it was pretty clear that there are some big differences in town.  But it was equally obvious that people of various political stripes get along pretty well together.  We broadcast from the Kent Memorial Library, an incredibly beautiful building...if, like me, you love mid-century modernism (leaky roof notwithstanding).

One of the big issues in town, the library expansion referendum, we didn't get to...but the other, the biodiesel plant, we did.  It tied in nicely with the overarching theme of national politics mixing with the local.  If John McCain or Barack Obama want to create "green collar" jobs, they've got to be somewhere - and they can't promise them all to outsourced steelworkers and coal miners in swing states.  

Suffield's attempt to put a biodiesel plant here failed because of local opposition - but only one person in our crowd of about 30 people raised their hand when I asked for opponents. 

One guest made the connection from this battle over local siting of projects to a larger national debate over energy infrastructure, a story given front page treatment in today's Hartford Courant. 

The Courant's I-towns (or is it "i-Towns?") section featured a blog post about today's show. 

Best part of the show?  Senior Producer Catie Talarski's proud Mom was there.  





'swingin' in Suffield

Hi John Dankosky:

You are correct that Suffield is a beautiful town. The people who live here are

intent on keeping the small town feel in the community by a number of measures,

limiting the kind of business that sets up shop here being one. Last I heard we had over

400 working farms in Suffield (that was a few years ago so the number may have

changed). There are/were powerful/tenacious people in this town that try to uphold

the status quo. This is both a blessing and a curse, as with all things.

For example, we could use a 'regular' grocery store in town. It is a nusance to have

to drive to Enfield or Agawam, MA to go grocery shopping however Suffield IS a

beautiful place to walk around feeling safe and secure. (however illusory that may be)


It was a great "Where We Live" on Thursday at Kent Memorial Library.

I look forward to the outcome of Tuesday's election both here in Suffield and the Nation.

Thanks for giving me a moment of web fame, (a picture even!).

Being Catie's mom is a is a perpetual source of joy.


Susan Trappe Talarski