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Surge in Voter Registration May Bring Record Turnout
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Voters line up at Mill Ridge Intermediate School in Danbury, CTThe Secretary of the State expects record voter turnout on Election Day.

A surge in new voter registration has driven the total number of Connecticut voters to more than 2 million the highest number the state has ever seen.

More than 134,000 people registered in October alone. The largest group of voters is unaffiliated, accounting for almost 900,000 voters.

Bysiewcz says  turnout could reach as high as 90%.

Her office has trained more than five thousand poll workers to help handle the crowds and answer questions about the new optical scan voting machines.

"And we are going to have DVD's constantly playing at each of the seven hundred and sixty nine polling places across Connecticut so that people can watch a short video or they can simply ask a poll worker how to use the new voting method."

Bysiewcz says optical scan machines will allow more people to vote at one time which will help reduce long lines.

The best way to avoid long lines, is to vote mid-day, between 10:30 and 3:30 p.m.