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Superheroes of the literary world unite
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My Dad always told me he once owned Action Comics #1, the book with the first appearance of Superman in print.  Sadly, it was lost in a fit of parental tidiness.  

I clung tight to my copies of Spiderman, X-Men and The Fantastic Four...until I just stopped reading comics altogether.  I'm kinda sorry I did.  It seems from today's conversation that I missed a lot.  Bill Foster and Michael Sivack shared their love of the form - and their enthusiasm was contagious.  Later, Bill told me he forgot to mention a very cool comic he'd brought, called "White Like She" - a takeoff on "Black Like Me."  It's a story about the brain of an older black man is transplanted into the body of a young white lesbian.(!)

Many phone calls and emails with people sharing their experience with comics and graphic novels.  We also got a ton of tweets in response to my call: "Help us, comic book geeks - you're our only hope!"  A sample: 

  1. MiraHellboymirahellboyLoved today's @wherewelive on comic books! Glad there was a shout out for legendary Windsor McKay! "Sweet Christmas" must be revived!

  2. Luke BacewiczLVVB@wherewelive Last caller would have loved the pulp comic showing at New Britain Museum of American Art. "The Shadow"

  3. Satur9Satur9@wherewelive Must not fail to mention Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking literary work in Sandman

  4. MiraHellboymirahellboy@wherewelive Oh my gosh! Forgot my faves: Love & Rockets! Calvin & Hobbes! Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid on Earth

  5. eric michael graydionysum@wherewelive Y: the last man. Great apocolyptic series. Written by Brian k Vaughn who also writes some tv shows such as Lost.

  6. Jamie Danieljamiemarie1@wherewelive I am a graphic novel novice, but read Persepolis and Maus for a memoir course - both were amazing.

  7. MiraHellboymirahellboy@wherewelive Oh!!! PLEASE don't forget Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit! He also revoltionized graphic storytelling & "graphic novels"!

  8. nathanhuttnernathanhuttner@wherewelive Queen and Country -- politically savvy, highly literary thrillers about MI6 spies.

  9. Luke BacewiczLVVB@wherewelive Red Son is the best story I've readhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wik... When I get new comics I go to the Bookie in EH.

  10. MiraHellboymirahellboy@wherewelive Argh! Wish I had known about your comics show sooner!!! I would have loved to offer more info!

  11. MiraHellboymirahellboy@wherewelive (cont) Y the Last Man, DMZ, Ex-Machina, Invincible, the Pride of Baghdad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transmetropolitan
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  12. MiraHellboymirahellboy@wherewelive Faves: Watchmen, the Flash, The Walking Dead, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Hellboy, American Splendor, Top 10, 100 Bullets...