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Study Finds Clean Energy Jobs Grow in CT
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A new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts shows considerable growth in jobs and businesses in Connecticut and across the country that develop, sell or install clean energy technology.

The report found that between 1998 and 2007 clean energy jobs grew at a faster rate than other job categories in the U-S. In Connecticut overall job growth fell by 2.7 %, but clean job growth grew by 7 %. Kil Huh, a Project Director of Research at Pew explains how the study defines these jobs. 

“These are jobs not only in the solar and wind industry, so the installers of solar panels and the manufacturers of wind turbines, but the engineers that develop advanced batteries and fuel cells. But also the administrative assistants and the lawyers  that help support the clean energy companies that are out there.”

The report found that Connecticut had 10,147 of these jobs in 2007, while the average number of clean energy jobs in other states was 15,106.