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Still Subbing...
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Photo by lanulop  Flickr Creative Commons

Life as a substitute teacher is odd. Sometimes the days are easy and kids are wonderful and the space between assignments is almost non-existent. There are other times though, when the kids treat the substitute as if there is no teacher at all and the days are long and one contemplates moving far, far away from school children. Overall, the short time has been a rich experience of personal growth and learning. It is remarkable to see the attitudes and ideas of children that less than a decade ago, I was in their position. It is also insightful to see how much experience we gain through the basic ins and outs of everyday living.

While subbing, I continue to look for a more stable position in the marketing or public relations field. After meetings with local advertising firms in the region, I took their advice and emailed more companies. In the emails, I tried to convey my work ethic, experience and my ability to overcome any inexperience that I undoubtedly have. Over the next few days, I welcomed in responses that were all similar in tone and fruitless. Although my resume is circulating the local P.R. region, there are few openings. The email responses highlight my achievements thus far and recommend that I continue to hone my writing craft and they will keep my resume on file for future reference. One email even told me that my majors in college (English and Philosophy) would not be as helpful as a degree in Journalism, even with my experience as an intern at CPTV.

So now, with my resume abroad and some income coming in, it seems my background, experience and the less than ripe economic times limit my field of opportunity. I am looking forward to replies from graduate programs in the coming months.