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Staycation all I ever wanted...
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Photo by lindyireland     Courtesy Flickr Creative CommonsSummer has finally arrived. School is out for the summer, and we have been looking forward to hot, sunny days spent at the beach or the pool. So far this summer, our reality has been a little different than anything we had anticipated during the long, cold winter. We usually spend a week at the beach, either camping or at a rental cottage.

"This concept of a staycation sounds pretty good, at the onset"

This year our finances are not going to allow us to do either, so we have had a “staycation” thrust upon us. This concept of a staycation sounds pretty good, at the onset. You stay at home, but plan day trips within the state and theoretically this saves you money. My husband took the week off, and our staycation began.

Now first off, as a stay at home mom, I am at home all the time. So I usually look forward to a change of scenery. This does not really happen with a staycation. I am at home and my family is there too, so this really just adds more dirty laundry and dishes for me to take care of.

It has rained all week, so we have been limited to indoor day trips. However, now that the kids are older, we no longer qualify for those “under 12 gets in free” deals, so every time we leave the house, it costs the six of us about $100. Even a trip to the movies costs us $60 plus snacks. We were fortunate enough to attend an air show in Rhode Island last weekend. This is a free event, but we ended up spending $60 on food and drinks, and that’s not even including the cost of gas, (which as we all know is going up almost daily). I’m not really seeing the “savings” side of things. 

All in all, I have decided that the “staycation” is not for me. If you are going to call it a vacation, I want to get away from the telephone continuously ringing, the driving various teens to and from events and sleepovers with friends. I want to take a break from the never-ending loads of laundry and sinks full of dishes. I want some sunshine, soft breezes off the ocean and sand between my toes. Now that’s what I call a vacation.




Totally agree.  I made the same mistake-never again.  With a 6 and 4 year old, there was no change of scenery for the fighting & whining.  At least a change of scenery gives them distractions and new things to do.  Did lots of kids museums but still come home to laundry, cooking dinner, etc.  Husband loved it, but not for me until "I go back to work."