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State School Leaders Support Tax Increases
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The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents is calling for a reasonable tax increase as part of a solution to the state’s budget problems. WNPR’s Diane Orson reports.

CAPPS represents school leaders across the state.  The organization would like to see the idea of a tax increase included in discussions about how to tackle the state’s $400 million budget deficit. Superintendents say if the focus is only on cutting spending, two bad things could happen.  CAPPS Executive Director Joseph Cirasuolo:

"First of all, the educational program that’s already been reduced this year will be further reduced. In fact it could get to the point in a couple of years where its really eviscerated. The second is, that when expenditures are cut for whether its education or other governmental operations, what we’re talking about is laying people off."

Cirasuolo says its time to think about whether rising unemployment will help or hinder a recovery from the current recession.  CAPPS says there’s no one solution to CT’s fiscal crisis. Superintendents want a combination of reduced expenditures and increased revenues. 

For WNPR,  I’m Diane Orson.