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State Officials Call for Stricter Pet Laws
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A Stamford woman was attacked earlier this week by a pet chimpanzee. Today two state officials are calling for stricter laws on keeping wild animals as pets.

Current state law prohibits people from having certain animals as pets such as bob cats, coyotes and grizzly bears. And it allows the Department of Environmental Protection to issue permits to people to keep other wild animals. But Environmental Commissioner Gina McCarthy is calling for new legislation banning large primates as pets. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is taking it a step further. He’s proposing a complete ban on what he calls all exotic potentially-dangerous wild animals, such as crocodiles and chimpanzees

“These animals can be totally unpredictable and very seriously violent and brutally so. We need to close current loopholes in state laws both as the kinds of animals as well as penalties because they can do such life altering and brutal damage to people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Blumenthal says the penalties for violating a permit to keep a wild animal are extremely low. He’s proposing a ban that would be considered at least a criminal misdemeanor if violated.