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State Employee Givebacks Up for Union Vote
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After reaching a deal with the governor earlier this month, leaders of the 13 unions in the state employee coalition have voted to recommend a package of concessions. Now, as WNPR's Anna Sale reports, they need to get the votes of rank and file workers. 

The concession package requires the approval of union members. And holding those votes is no small task. The state employee union coalition, known as SEBAC, includes nearly 50,000 members across 28 union locals.

Larry Dorman is a spokesman for SEBAC.

"We're going to work very hard over the next two to three weeks to bring this to all of our members, and to schedule ratification votes."

Governor Jodi Rell sought the concessions to help close the state's massive budget deficit. The package would save $637 million over the next two fiscal years.

According to a summary on a SEBAC website, the package includes wage freezes, furlough days, and higher insurance premiums. There's also an early retirement incentive for workers 55 or older who have at least 10 years of service. 

In exchange for these givebacks, union workers will get job security. That means even if the state eliminates positions because of restructuring, union employees will be transferred to comparable jobs.

These job protections, though, only apply to the locals that agree to incorporate concessions into their individual contracts.

SEBAC says most locals have negotiated such modifications. Dorman wouldn't elaborate on whether some are holding out for changes.

"At this point, I'm not going to get into the specifics, but the bottom line is that SEBAC leadership has reached a tentative agreement."

If union members approve the concession package, the General Assembly will still need to approve the deal. 



Why are the State Managers

Why are the State Managers not being asked to give up their raises? These concessions will cost me a reduction in pay of over 5,000 in the first year alone. The MANAGERS are not Union and not being asked to give up anything?? Maybe they're unavailable to comment because they are out hanging with the AIG CEOs.

Why are we GIVING UP so much

Why are we GIVING UP so much and getting NOTHING?  Its like the governor wants us to just show up for work and get nothing in return..come on already...the state workers didnt cause this mess so why do we have to pay for it?


In the last contract, we got nothing then either...every 4 years when this contract comes up, I give and give and give and give...when do I start getting?


Every year I go deeper in the hole, my expenses go up but my pay never does...

Raise the  sales tax, at least then EVERYONE in CT will share the solution. 

Get rid of this stupid HUSKY insurance plan...too many people on it, and worst of all, too many parents...thought the program was for KIDS?