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State Democrats Delay Move to Censure Senator Joe Lieberman
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The Democratic State Central Committee have delayed a move to censure Senator Joe Lieberman for his support of Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain.
The censure resolution condemns Joe Lieberman and asks him to resign from the Democratic Party.
The state's Democratic committee put off voting on the censure until after Election Day allowing more time for party members to weigh in.  
Long time Connecticut Democrat, Audrey Blondin, helped write the resolution after watching Lieberman speak at the Republican National Convention.
"This is a free country. Joe can support whomever he likes, take whatever position he likes. But he's making a mockery of the state Democratic party and it came time to say, enough is enough."
Lieberman calls himself an independent Democrat and remains registered with the party despite being re-elected to the U.S. Senate after losing the Democratic primary in 2006.
Lieberman told Norwich radio station WICH-AM that he was surprised to hear about the resolution saying he thought that kind of thing happened only in the former Soviet Union.