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State Approves $26 M for Springfield - New Haven Rail
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The state bond commission today voted to approve a $26 million bond to help pay for a New Haven – Springfield commuter rail line.

The money will pay for designing and constructing a 10.5 double track south of Hartford. Right now Amtrak trains and freight trains share a single track, which slows down passenger service. The 10-mile stretch would eventually be part of new rail line from Springfield through Hartford to New Haven. State transportation commissioner Joseph Marie says by approving the money Connecticut is sending a strong signal to the federal government that it’s committed to the Springfield - New Haven project.

 “What we are doing here ultimately paves the way for a quick and robust commuter service from Springfield all the way down to New York City.”

Connecticut is competing with 24 other states for part of  $8 billion in federal funding for high-speed rail service. The state has applied for $64 million. The Obama Administration will decide whether Connecticut will get the funding by early April.