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Single Stream Recycling Increases Recycling Rates In Some Towns
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The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, which collects recycled materials from 63 cities and towns, announced that a new kind of recycling program, known as “single-stream” is increasing recycling rates.

Under “single stream” residents don’t have to separate paper from bottles and cans. Instead households can throw all their recyclables into one bin. At the annual meeting of the Connecticut Recyclers Coalition Paul Nonnenmacher of CRRA announced several of the 59 communities participating in the program have significantly increased their recycling rates.

“We’re seeing increases of 20 to 25% in a number of towns just in the  last couple of months. And what’s remarkable about that is there has been almost no public education, public outreach. It’s just been word of mouth.”

The announcement comes at a time when many recycling businesses are having trouble selling the commodities they collect because in the past month prices have dropped dramatically. But Nonnenmacher says CRRA will not have that problem because it has a long term contract with its buyer promising pay a guaranteed price per ton