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Shout out from Courant's "Capitol Watch"
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We're neck deep in "political season" here at Where We Live.  That means a committment to spending an hour with candidates for top offices in Connecticut.  Chris Keating of the Courant helped us out with a nice blurb on his "Capitol Watch" blog.  Since 2006, we've had just about every top state official and their challengers on Where We Live, for a whole hour, answering questions from our listeners.  

A lot of these end up being taped by CTN - the Connecticut Network, which gets us a whole new audience of hardcore policy wonks.  Sadly, one top dog in Connecticut has so far resisted our charms...sigh.  Look for Joe Visconti, Joe Courtney (from Washington, probably), Chris Murphy, David Capiello and Jim Himes in the next week or so.  Let me know what questions you want to ask!  Comment here or email wherewelive@wnpr.org.