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Shaws to Sell All Connecticut Locations
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Shaw’s Supermarkets says almost a thousand workers will be laid off as it closes its Connecticut locations next month. But as Harriet Jones reports, it’s hoped that the majority of those affected will be hired back.

Shaws announced a few weeks ago that it was pulling out of the state, citing the highly competitive retail environment. Shaws owns 18 different stores around the state, and so far it has found buyers for all but two. Stop & Shop will take over five locations, and 11 others will be sold to individual owners who will operate them as either ShopRite or PriceRite franchises.

Shaws now says that it will cut 967 jobs at seven of its closing stores – the layoffs will take effect April 13th, two weeks after the stores close. Both Stop & Shop and ShopRite have said they expect to hire back most Shaws workers as the stores re-open, but uncertainty still hangs over supermarkets in Manchester and New Haven, where new buyers have not yet been found. If those locations are closed permanently, that would mean the layoff of 260 workers.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.