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Senator Dodd Back to Work Plugging Healthcare Reform
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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebellius was in Hartford today to discuss health care reform with small business owners.  She was joined by Senator Chris Dodd, who recently announced he has early stage prostate cancer.

"My prostate is probably the best known prostate in America these days. But I'm maybe not a bad example right now. I'm a member of Congress and members of Congress get good healthcare."

Senator Chris Dodd's personal anecdote set the tone at the hour long discussion on health care reform. He told the audience of small business owners that all Americans should get the same benefits that federal lawmakers receive.

"I didn't wake up the morning of june 19 when I foudn out I had prostate cancer and worry about whether or not I have a healhcare plan or whether or not I get good access to good care. I want every American to wake up with that same sense of security when it comes to healthcare in this country."

Dodd joined Secretary Sebelius who's travelling the country as part of a campaign by President Obama's administration to inform people about several healthcare bills that are before Congress. Sebelius says the debate isn't just about helping the uninsured.

"We're all an accident away, a paycheck away, a situation away from losing our coverage. Given the rising costs year in, year out, given the fact that insurance companies pick and choose who gets coverage and who doesn't. We're all at the mercy of what happens next."

Some of the proposals before Congress include changing insurance rules to forbid companies from excluding people with pre existing conditions and limiting the amount of increases in co-payments and deductibles. The House and Senate won't take up the bills until October after summer recess.




Dodd and Prostate Cancer

The tragedy of prostate cancer is that it is quite preventable if the genesis of it were to be eliminated, the support, production and consumption of cow milk and all dairy products.

Equally frustrating is that the health reporters cycloptically focus on one aspect, early detection and treamtent, rather than risk the ire and power of the dairy industry that markets and sells the world bovine secretions filled with  saturated fat, cholesterol, NATURAL hormones, added hormones, pus cells, bacteria, or concentrated protein if low or no fat.

Over decades, the predatory marketing to children of cow milk, natures most perfect nutrition to feed baby calves, appears to be leqalized sale of disease causing products that have HUGELY contributed to America's obesity pandemic, as well as many other preventable health issues.

Dr. Spock warned not to let kids drink milk. Dr. Frank Oski, once chairman of John's Hopkins Pediatric University, wrote the book, Don't Drink Your Milk. Robert Cohen, founder of the Dairy Education Board has written Milk A to Z, filled with references about milk's implications in contributing to diabetes and much more.

How can thinking people ignore that cows get ALL the calcium they need and NEVER suffer from osteoporosis by eating greens?

Horses get ALL the calcium they need from eating grass, greens, grains, and never suffer in old age from fractures or the common cancers seen in human cultures who drink cow milk.

A switch to rice, hemp, oat, or organic soy milk , especially for pregnant moms, will increase immunity and help reduce the many detrimental side effects from a milk that nature desighed for calves until they are weaned...

The health care crisis is also a consequence of our nations health crisis. The USDA should NOT be charged with nutrition as it IS only in the business of expanding commodity production here and abroad....

Our children are the living result of USDA nutrition policies and sad ignorance about food that prevents disease rather than create it.