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Senate Ethics Committee Clears Dodd
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A Senate Committee has cleared Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad of violating ethics rules after concluding its year-long investigation into whether the men received special mortgage deals.

In separate letters to Dodd and Conrad of North Dakota, the Ethics Committee said there was no substantial credible evidence that their Countrywide mortgages broke Senate gift rules. But the bi-partisan committee believes the Senators should have been more careful in their dealings to avoid the appearance they were receiving preferential treatment.

Dodd says he's pleased his name has been cleared but he admits to making one mistake.

"I didn't respond to this at the time and so by waiting that long, the allegations out there, why I wasn't releasing documents, why I wasn't talking about that contributed to people's cynacism and distrust that maybe i wasn't telling the truth."

Since the allegations surfaced in media reports last summer, Dodd's approval rating has taken a dive among Connecticut voters and he trails a Republican candidate, Rob Simmons, in recent polls for the 2010 Senate race.





Dodd's Sweetheart Deal

Why doesn't the media mention the Mr. Dodds Mortgage interest rates more often? According to 2008 article in the The Hartford Courant, he got a 30-yr $506,000 mortgage for his Washington Townhouse for 4.25% and a 30-yr $275,042 mortgage for his home in East Haddam for 4.5%. No points were paid for both mortgages.

I live in CT and have an excellent credit rating (plus my equity in the house was already more that 50%). I refinanced my house about the same time as Mr. Dodd. My new mortgage was for 10 years at 4.75% with no points. It was the best rate that I could find.

There are on-line resources that chart mortgage rate averages for this time period - spring/summer 2003. Not one that I checked had a 30 year mortgage below 5%. They appeared to be more consistent with the rate I was charged than it was for Mr. Dodd.

Does sound like he got sweetheart deal to you? It does to me. I do not care what the Ethics Committee says,  I am a CT voter who has not cleared Mr. Dodd!