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Search & Rescue Efforts Stalled at Middletown Explosion Site
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Unsafe conditions have hampered search and rescue efforts at the site of a deadly explosion at a Connecticut power plant.  Five people are known to be dead and at least a dozen injured.   WNPR's Diane Orson reports.

Search and rescue was called off early this morning because portions of the building at  Kleen Energy Systems power plant  were deemed unstable. Al Santostefano is Deputy Fire Marshall for the town of Middletown where the explosion took place. 

"Some of the material didn’t blow completely off the building,  its kinda dangling, so that makes it difficult because you don’t know if that’s going to come down at anytime, so there is a concern that there still might be people underneath the debris."

Construction workers were testing natural gas pipelines when the blast occurred. Federal, state and local authorities hope to start an investigation into the cause of the explosion later today.  

For NPR News, I’m Diane Orson.