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Safe travels!
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Leading into the busy travel of the Thanksgiving weekend, NPR has been running a series called "On the Road to Safety."  It's a nice companion to our recent Where We Live program called "Driving to Distraction" where we talked with author Tom Vanderbilt about his book, "Traffic."  You can get a condensed sense of his book in this Morning Edition interview with Steve Inskeep.  Our Where We Live show prompted this comment, and near-miss from listener Gregory:

Good morning - I honestly almost had an incident driving in this morning while looking down to change the radio station to "Where we live". As I was doing so I was merging on the exit from 384 to 291 when the driver of car that was in front of me must have realized he missed his exit and cut across the diverging lanes in front of me. I had to break a little but if it had been a second or two later, an impact may have been possible.

Other parts of the NPR series include explorations of highway safety and teen drivers.  Their story about technology that helps older drivers fits nicely with our program on the struggles of taking the keys from elders.  NPR also talked about trends toward safer roads...trends which might lead us to gloss over the fact that roads can still be deadly.  It's a truth that came home during our conversation with author Mark Robinson about his book "Smoke, Fire and Angels" about the Avon Mountain crash.  

If you're travelling over this weekend, please do it safely, and heed the words of Tom Vanderbilt on today's Morning Edition: 

 "Listening to radio — especially public radio! — can be a good thing in the car," he said. "It keeps your mind alert and keeps you engaged."