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Rell's Popularity Slips, but Still High
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Governor Jodi Rell's popularity has dropped slightly as the state's budget impasse continues, but the latest Quinnipiac poll shows the Democratically-controlled legislature get the most blame for the delay.

Rell's approval rating is the lowest it's ever been, but it's still pretty high. She still has the support of two out of every three voters.

More than 80 percent think the governor is honest and trustworthy. Their take on her policies, though, is a little more muddied.

For the first time, Quinnipiac asked voters an open-ended question about the best and worst thing Rell's done in office. The most frequent answer was - "I don't know"  

"People say they like her as a person, but it's tough to point to a specific policy accomplishment that she's achieved."

Poll director Doug Schwartz says respondents also were split about how to handle taxes and government spending in the state budget. Sixty percent of voters prefer cutting services over raising taxes.

But they have a different take if tax hikes would only affect high-income earners.

"Voters overwhelmingly do support taxes on the wealthy. What they seem to be saying is they don't want to pay higher taxes, but they're fine with others paying higher taxes."

Democratic legislators seized on that statistic. In a statement, Senate President Don Williams dismissed Rell's high numbers as a "popularity contest." He said she's losing the public argument over how to solve the state budget crisis.
But that's not helping lawmakers' poll numbers. The General Assembly's approval rating dropped below 40 percent, and less than a third of voters say they approve of the way Democratic lawmakers have handled the state budget.