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Rell Signals Deep Cuts Coming in August, If No Budget Deal
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Governor Rell is signaling that more spending cuts are coming if no budget deal is reached by the end of the month, and she says they are going to be big.

Legislative leaders and the governor's office continue to meet to work on a two-year budget. Since July first, the state has been running on an emergency spending plan enacted by an executive order.

The governor says she is already preparing another order to cover August.

She says the spending cuts next month have to be deep, because tax collections have dropped off  by about 2 billion dollars.

"When I do an executive order, it will have to be reflective of that decrease in revenue. We cannot continue to spend at quote current services level. It has to be at current revenue level, so it will be a huge decrease."

And she continued, those cuts will be bigger than some agencies are anticipating.

While Rell declined to answer any questions about the status of budget negotiations, she did say that tax increases will not fill the state's deep hole.

"Even if you decided raising taxes was an answer, I don't think there was any gold in there, considering how much it's already down over the next year."

Her administration is scheduled to meet again with lawmakers on Friday.

While legislative Democrats are negotiating behind closed doors with the governor, they're also counting votes to see how many of the her vetoes they can override. 

Senate Democratic spokesman Derek Slap says there's a strong possibility that two controversial bills aimed at expanding health care access will be among the bills up for a vote.