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Rell Set To Make "Significant Spending Cuts"
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As Connecticut faces a reduced revenue stream, Governor Jodi Rell says she's prepared to make some tough decisions in order to scale back government spending.  

Speaking to members of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, Rell said that Connecticut is not immune from the economic slump that is hurting states across the nation.  

Rell spokesman Chris Cooper says Connecticut's approximate $338 million deficit is projected to rise to a $6 billion deficit within the next two years.

"Connecticut is really seeing a time when we will have diminished resources to pay for government. And one of the messages that the governor shared is that right now, this government is too big to pay for it and that's why its going to have to see some very significant spending cuts."

Cooper says Rell won't be raising taxes, but will focus getting the state budget to a size that can be supported by the existing revenue stream.

Cooper says the governor, who is currently working on a budget deficit mitigation plan, will protect some core state services, such as education, medicaid and social safety net programs. But Cooper says everything else is on the table and will be looked at very closely.