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Recycling Rates Are Up in Some Towns
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The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, which collects trash and recycled materials from cities and towns, says recycling rates have increased in 45 out of 63 towns this past year.

Paul Nonnenmacher of CRRA says recycling is a business. His company sells the paper, aluminum  and plastic that residents recycle. And beginning two years ago the CRRA began paying the municipalities a dividend for every ton of material they recycle. But this past fall the economy tanked and the price of recyclables dropped dramatically.  CRRA didn’t expect to make enough money to pay the dividend, but Nonnenmacher says a few things changed.

“Prices started to come back, come back up a little bit as the year wore on and second and more importantly our tonnages increased.”

Some cities and town increased the tons of material they recycled. CRRA paid a total of $400 thousand dollars in recycling dividends. West Hartford recycled the most and will get the biggest check, for more than 30 thousand dollars.

Note: CRRA is an underwriter on WNPR