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Reading up on gambling
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Timely discussion about casino gambling in the state today.  About 300 tribal government employees with the Mashantucket Pequots are taking buyouts, after roughly 700-900 casino jobs were lost there.  It's all part of a serious step back taken by Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, as they watch their slot revenues slip.  And, it's not just happening here. 

Our guest in studio was Mitch Etess from Mohegan Sun - he thinks the recession, combined with all the added competiton - is causing the downward trend.  He says he never bought that the casino industry is "recession proof."  We did talk a bit about the quality of the jobs at the casinos, and the fact that they're not unionized.  We also got calls about problem gambling and the relationships with surrounding communities.  

Thanks to Business Editor/Reporter Harriet Jones, who did this story in microcosm for NPR recently.  

Other notes: Rick Green of the Courant (who often writes about casinos) had this in Friday's edition about a subject near and dear...commuter rail 

And, were hoping to talk soon about the demise of our local newspapers - Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent has the sad tale of Connecticut's local weeklies.