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Photo by pixpolis  Courtesy Flickr Creative CommonsThe days are getting longer and the nights get more intense. The semester is ending and I haven’t written a blog post in months! Why? That answer is simple. Since September, I have had the opportunity to read dozens of books, critical articles, write hundreds of pages and still find the time to enjoy the wonders of a New Hampshire surrounding. Do I miss Connecticut? Every day. I miss the dueling Yankee-Red Sox games; I miss my family, my local friends, and UConn. I’ll be back soon, though, don’t worry. I miss CPTV and WNPR. Don’t fret, I still get the weekly CPTV newsletter. 

"Has Connecticut prepared me for life after college?" 

I began this blog months ago with the question: Has Connecticut prepared me for life after college? The answer is doing more than just blowing in the wind. The answer is yes. UConn and its wonderful professors taught me to learn with excitement, vigor, and an open mind. The University of New Hampshire has broadened that pallet and forced me to ask harder questions, write longer answers, and spend more time reading than talking. My fellow students are diverse and intense. We live in a world filled with obscure novels, obscurer philosophies of interpretation and far too little sleep. 

I don’t know where my education will take me at this time next year. I hope to be back in Connecticut and employed. Until then, I’ll be back in a few weeks. I’ll be back substitute teaching and looking for a summer job. I’ll be doing a lot of reading too. One must keep ahead of the syllabus and never fall behind.  

What have I learned? What have I thought? What have I done for these lost New Hampshire months? A lot. I have made wonderful, lifelong, friendships and found a home away from home – if only for a year or so. 

I’m sorry for being so infrequent with my posts, but I hope you understand. I’ve been reading and writing since dawn.