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Race to the Top Dollars Driving School Reform in CT
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Earlier this month, Connecticut learned it did not make the final list of states competing for millions of federal stimulus dollars under President Barack Obama’s Race to the Top program. The program awards grants to states that are willing to reform their school system to retain the best teachers and administrators, prepare each student for success in college and the workplace, while also turning around the lowest achieving schools.

Connecticut was considered a long shot for the grants even before the finalists were announced. Now, lawmakers, advocates, education officials, and teachers’ unions are setting its sights on the second round of Race to the Top grants. WNPR’s Ray Hardman spoke with Democratic State Representative Andrew Fleischman, House chair of the General Assembly’s education committee about pending legislation that could reform Connecticut’s schools, and put the state in a better position to be included in the next round of Race to the Top grants.

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