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"My name's Christopher..."
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Okay, so I got Christopher Hitchens upset.  I called him Chris.  Not a good idea.  Our conversation with the provocative writer today was a bit testy at times, as he took on various religions and people of all faiths.  We talked at length about how he felt there were no "takeaway" lines from Barack Obama's inauguration speech - and we agreed that's maybe not a bad thing.

My "takeaway" from a half-hour of Hitchens?  Let me put it this way - you'll be entertained if you go see him at the Connecticut Forum next week.  I'll leave it at that.

For a less blustery look into what is a pretty brilliant mind - I urge you to read his recent Vanity Fair piece on Salman Rushdie, two decades after the "fatwa" that was declared on him.  A taste: He says the Ayatollah Khomeni gave Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses "the single worst review any novelist has ever had."

Funny stuff. 

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